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Boost Whitening


Fast and Effective Boost Whitening

Brighten your smile with our state-of-the-art Boost Whitening services at Vivid Smiles & Implants in Parker, CO. Designed for optimal convenience and effectiveness, Boost Whitening provides dramatic results in just one office visit. Enjoy a noticeably whiter smile with this safe, reliable, and fast treatment tailored to your dental needs.

Immediate and Noticeable Results

Boost Whitening at Vivid Smiles & Implants delivers immediate whitening results in just about an hour. Perfect for busy individuals, this treatment is ideal for those looking to enhance their smile quickly before a special event or as a fast boost to their self-confidence.

Safe and Comfortable Treatment

Safety and comfort are paramount in our Boost Whitening procedures. The treatment uses a carefully controlled whitening gel that minimizes tooth sensitivity and is applied professionally by our trained dental staff. This ensures a safe and pleasant whitening experience.

Customized to Individual Needs

Every patient’s dental profile is different, which is why our Boost Whitening services are tailored to individual needs and preferences. Our dental professionals assess your specific requirements to ensure the best possible whitening results without compromising your oral health.

Long-Lasting Whiteness

With proper care and maintenance, the results from Boost Whitening can last for many months. To extend the longevity of your brighter smile, we provide detailed aftercare instructions and recommend professional follow-up treatments.


What is Boost Whitening?

Boost Whitening is a professional teeth whitening treatment that uses a powerful hydrogen peroxide gel activated by a special light or chemical activator. It is designed to lift stains and whiten teeth dramatically in just one session.

How long does the Boost Whitening procedure take?

The Boost Whitening procedure typically takes about one hour to complete in our office. This makes it one of the fastest and most effective whitening treatments available, ideal for achieving significant results over a lunch break.

Is Boost Whitening painful?

Boost Whitening generally causes little to no discomfort. Some patients might experience minor sensitivity during or after the treatment, but this is usually temporary and subsides quickly.

How much whiter can my teeth get with Boost Whitening?

Results vary depending on the original shade of your teeth and how they respond to the whitening gel. Most patients see a significant improvement, making their teeth several shades whiter than before.

How do I maintain my results after Boost Whitening?

To maintain the results of your Boost Whitening, avoid stain-causing foods and beverages, such as coffee, red wine, and berries, for at least 48 hours after the treatment. Regular brushing, flossing, and periodic touch-up treatments can also help prolong the effects.


Doctor Richardson is just the best! I had just traveled 13hrs in a car with a toothache. When I got home, I called his after hours line not expecting too much. He answered and met me at his office. He gave me a new crown while I waited! Amazing. I feel better. I would recommend him to anyone.
Very friendly and kind, very knowledgeable and speedy. Went in for a tooth extraction and was in and out in under an hour. Definitely recommend. The whole team did their work very swiftly and well organized.
Amazing staff, extremely friendly!!! A++ all the way around! I’ve never been a fan of going to the dentist, in fact I down right hated it! As soon as I walked in the door, the 2 lovely ladies at the front desk were super sweet and welcoming. Went through paper work quick and they got me back even quicker! As soon as I got back they were very nice and informative, both the dentist and assistant listened to me and my concerns. Did X-rays and found that I did not need a root canal as a previous dentist had tried to tell me. They were able to do the extractions and My mouth feels amazing even the day after! Extracted two teeth from my head and I still love em! Found my new dentist!!!!
Great office and staff. All four of our family members have seen Dr. Richardson now. We are long time patients of Dr. Utberg and the change has been seamless. My husband broke a tooth on a weekend and was called back after hours immediately and scheduled Monday morning to get it fixed. Very thorough with some updated procedures. Personal service like we have always had and honest, thoughtful care. Highly recommend!!!
My family have been patients at this dentist for five years, and my experience has consistently been top-notch. The staff is friendly and professional, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The dentist is thorough in explaining procedures, ensuring I'm comfortable throughout. The office is well-maintained, and appointments are efficiently managed. They are even great with my young boys! Highly recommend.


Embark on a journey to exceptional dental well-being with Dr. Bryce Richardson. Secure your appointment today and take the first step towards a transformative smile experience, personalized to your unique needs. Embrace the blend of artistry, innovation, and care that awaits at Vivid Smiles.

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